Tree of life

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Life commenced
Earth’s most beautiful
Living being
Blessed it in green

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Repurpose Summer Wardrobe

jessicaalizzi 8


HELLO! Welcome back! It has been a while (8 days to be exact), since my last post! A few things have changed since then, well I finished my exams for one, and well, I am now officially 22 years old (…but more on this later). Meanwhile, the sunshine may be glistening here in Melbourne, creating insta-worthy backdrop reflections and pretty photographic moments, but unfortunately – it is anything BUT warm. In fact, the last time I felt this cold; I was shivering on the side of road, draped in fur and various other materials, trying to hail a cab outside the meatpacking district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yep. THAT COLD.

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Read red writing on the wall

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Blood red greens
Anger seething roots dark
Passion feeding vegetation spark
your needs, we sacrifice ourselves to feed
to save our brethren on greens, trees in teens
being killed for paper planes, prints insane
millions die for unwanted trash, toilet paper or cash
our vapour boils to extreme, no herbs it seems
will cure your disease, unmeasurable greed
having more, from one to the next shore IMG_0124.JPG

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Life Lately

danielle alana reyes

Hi all 🙂

So it has been around 2 months since I have blogged, and a lot has happened since.  I’ve had all my end of the year activities for senior year, had my “last everything” in high school and I GRADUATED! I am officially done with high school!  The chapter has finally closed and I am onto my next chapter: college.  The whole thing was honestly bittersweet.  For some people, they are so ready for high school to be over because it was the worst experience of there life.  Me on the other hand, I really enjoyed it.  I was highly involved all four years from my dance team, to ASB, to Leadership, to community service outside of school and on boards of a couple of clubs- even President of one.  But you can head over to the Danielle’s World category and see my reflection of ending high…

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