A year of Introductions



Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

If life is a race
to the top
you realise

doesn’t really matter
how much you stall
at the end you fall
Gravity pulls hard

all what ultimately
logically, if unwilling then
sometimes tragically
belongs to earth’s bosom

pick a colour
from soul’s prism
as long as it has love
humility and care

take your time, dig deep
for a perfect spot
to lie in loving,
embrace of our mother


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Seen Along a Stream

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Stream

There’s a stream near my house that I follow occasionally. It’s not big enough to row a boat up or down, gently or otherwise, but life is often dreamlike when I walk its banks.

2. Ice on a Log

It was a warm, rainy day that was more like fall than winter but ice had formed on the logs overnight and remained there in shadier places. I tried to catch all the colors of the rainbow that the sun made in the ice but once again I was less than successful.

3. Gravel

When the glaciers retreated they left behind huge amounts of sand and gravel in this area and most stream and river beds flow through it. Many animals drink from this stream and the sand bars dotted here and there along its length are great places to look for their tracks, but on this day the rain had been heavy enough to wash them away.

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Merry Christmas


It is Christmas Day here in Australia and when this is published I will no doubt be waiting for the house to wake up so we can start the festivities of the day.  I imagine as I write this I will have christmas-clip-art-christmasbells10to wait until late morning for my girls to wake up.

I decided I wanted to do the same for you this year that I did last Christmas.

My Gift to You

Last Christmas I put a high resolution image with no watermark, that people could download and keep.  I thought I would  do the same thing this year.  I asked a couple of people and the image that stood out to them was one of the milky way I had taken with the Woomelang Shearing Shed in the foreground. So my gcandle-20clip-20art-candle_thick_hollyift, as in last year, is this image.  It is a high res image that you can…

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