Winter Weather Update #NewHampshire

At Home in New Hampshire

In my last post I lamented about the 5-8 inches of snow we were going to get right in time for the big travel day before Thanksgiving. I also mentioned how the meteorologists get it wrong as often as they get it right.

Well, they weren’t exactly wrong about the snow. It did come. It came earlier than expected, lasted longer than anticipated and dumped over a foot of snow (in some areas up to 16”) in many places. It started off as a wet heavy snow that snapped tree limbs and power lines leaving many of us with out power…for days.

That seems to be par for the course around here lately. Despite the fact that a local construction crew had gone around our roads and trimmed back all the trees just a few months ago, this storm had no problem finding the vulnerable trees that could cause the…

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Thanksgiving Day Snowstorm

I live in North Carolina, and I have a few friends who either live in New Hampshire or grew up there. I really feel terrible that you people lost power and/or cable up there, especially this Thanksgiving Day weekend. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Pond View

On Thursday the 27th, which is Thanksgiving Day here in the states, we woke up to this. Winter came overnight, even though we had just been enjoying 60 degree temps.

2. Snowy Cattails

6 to 12 inches of heavy, sticky, wet snow coated everything.

3. Blue Heron Tree

The old dead tree that the great blue heron sits in was frosted with snow. There won’t be any herons sitting it in for a while now, though there was one here at this time last year.

4. Snowy Trail-2

Every surface, be it vertical, horizontal, or diagonal seemed to be covered in snow. Branches drooped with the weight of it and many that couldn’t take it broke off and fell to the ground, taking electrical and telephone wires with them.

5. Beech Foliage

Trees that still had leaves like oak and beech carried a lot of weight.

6. Beech Bud

This beech bud reveals why there was so much weight on the branches. Not just snow but…

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∞ Infinity

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Tears in an ocean of sorrows
dropped leaves on an autumn day

Days to a joyous morrow
Smiles on a sunny bright day

Love expressed by infatuated
Dreams in a child’s sleep

Madness of crowds when poked
Burnt angel wings when a heart weeps

Steps on way to fabled heaven
Long sighs during a short tryst

Lost moments, wasted efforts
and counting infinity’s infinite list

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