We were asked to leave the premises

Image the hell that we as photobloggers go through!

One Day | One Image

Hello and welcome to the second day of the Great Co-Posting Experiment. If you were here yesterday, you know that and I will be co-posting some of our images from my recent trip to Victoria.

It’s been interesting to compare our shots, many of which were shot when we were almost literally shoulder to shoulder. A lot of the time, Ehpem was using a full frame DSLR and a wider lens than I had, a combination which made a surprising (to me) amount of difference in how much of a scene he could capture. He’s also noticeably taller than I am, which also had a larger-than-anticipated effect on the images.

Anyway. The parking garage. Ehpem has been here before and was happy to return so I could have a look around. We were inside 20 or 30 minutes, and nothing very exciting had happened (other than making dozens of photos…

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