Wow! ‘Spectacular’ meteor shower wows stargazers

[van id=”us/2014/12/14/newday-geminid-meteor-shower-lights-skies.cnn”]

A spectacular meteor shower delighted and awed skyward eyes over the weekend in the Northern Hemisphere.

While the Geminid meteor shower has been visible in the night sky for several days, and will continue to be so for a few more, the meteors took center stage Saturday night.

“I started to see them around 11 p.m.,” Savannah of Norwich, Connecticut, wrote during NASA’s live chat of the event. “It was really beautiful and exciting since it was my first time.”

“So cool. Never witnessed a meteor shower before,” wrote Tara from Baltimore. “This is definitely worth going out and seeing for yourself!”

Even seasoned astrophiles marveled at the celestial display.

“I’ve been watching Geminids for over 40 years,” said Barbie from South Carolina. “This is the most spectacular I have ever witnessed.”

Geminids — so-named because they appear to come out of the Gemini constellation, explained the chat…

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