Dear Overlook


…and it is Overlook, isn’t it?  Overlook the Madness?


By now we are old friends you and I, and I feel that I can call you that by name.

‘The days go by without number.’

I say this as a reminder that time waits for no one, and whilst we strive to keep the watchful eye- life happens with or without us.

Your songs are what really matter, the melodies and the words and the life that gushes forth… and I will hum them as I write… and they will live on.


Alas my friend, the days stretch out behind me, and in failing health I fear you might be overlooked. What madness is this, that once created… grown dim, then weakened most soundly through layers of dust? I can not allow this.

You shall endeavor to persevere.

Rock on old friend… and somehow… Overlook the Madness!


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