The Canadian Rockies: Thematic Interruption – The Tour Experience

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From the early evening of September 30–the eighth day of my trip to the Canadian Rockies–until the early afternoon of October 5, my final day in the region, I was one of the participants on a photo tour led by Royce Howland, a professional photographer who has lived in Alberta for decades and has been leading photo tours in the area (and elsewhere) for years.  Before I continue with my chronological detailing of my time in the Rockies (the next entry in this vein will be of Day 8, including the beginning of the tour), I want to spend a bit of time discussing the tour experience itself.

As long-time readers of this blog know, on the rare occasion when I review a product or service, you’re receiving my honest, uncompromised appraisal–for what it’s worth.  When I take the time to critique something in the photo world, you can…

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